Digital Diary

Advocate App works as a digital diary that is developed to increase your efficiency and work performance. 

Fully Portable

Backup and Restore Functionality of Advocate App makes it easier to switch your data from one mobile to another without any headache

Client CRM

Advocate App is fully integrated with your mobile's Call and SMS feature. so its not limited to only record keeping but fully utilized as CRM.

Total Case History

Now no need to see through all the files for any case history. Case details, FIR No. court, place, nature of case, Dates, everything available at a single click



How to Pay

The world must realize that job of an advocate is to maintain peace and harmony in society by giving their intelligence services. Which result in Justice to everybody and helps curb corruption and injustice.

Our team always research to develop those tools that helps in reducing the work load, burdon and headache of those people who take headache for others.

We need not only money, but your innovative ideas, suggestions for the best, penetration of this app, and at last but very important "Your Blessings"

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